Identifying hard drives in Ubuntu Linux

Pile of old hard drives

This article was prompted by a Twitter question I sent @philbaker1 about some SSDs he was testing. Phil was testing an mSATA and a SATA drive and one drive seemed to read more MB/sec than the other, so I asked which, to which Phil replied:

I'm not sure.:) Only diff between the two is the impossibly long serial numbers, which don't give a clue.

User accounts open again web site front page screenshot

I've opened the web site to user registration once again, but I've set each account to require administrator approval for authenticated user status. It may take me a bit of time to nail down permissions, so I need the help of friends and family to make the site better. Please feel free to use my user contact form if you find something that doesn't look quite correct once you're authenticated.

Extra unused hard drives? Why not donate them to a good cause?

A Serial ATA Hard drive we pulled from an old PC

It's that time again where I beg for donations of hard drives for The Working Centre's Computer Recycling (Reuse) project. While we have a fair amount of ancient parallel ATA hard drives we're really short (down to less than 6) on Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives larger than 40GB. Computer Recycling helps low income earners get access to affordable computers. The project is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.