Extra unused hard drives? Why not donate them to a good cause?

A Serial ATA Hard drive we pulled from an old PC

It's that time again where I beg for donations of hard drives for The Working Centre's Computer Recycling (Reuse) project. While we have a fair amount of ancient parallel ATA hard drives we're really short (down to less than 6) on Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives larger than 40GB. Computer Recycling helps low income earners get access to affordable computers. The project is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.

Ubuntu/Xubuntu Hour/Linux user group meetings

Xubuntu DVD case

Over the past couple of years I've hosted Ubuntu hours scattered over different months. Initially I held meetings at Misty Mountain, a local cafe that was receptive to our meetings. The cafe was convenient because it was close to my work, but it closed. We met a few times at a number of other places to test the waters. We found a number of places that either didn't have sockets for notebooks/laptops, were too small, or not really condusive to a meeting.

Kodi/XBMC - Audio doesn't play for movies with DTS-HD/DTS (Blueray rips)

Movies on XBMC

One of the things Santa blessed me with this year was several Blueray movies. And while we have a Blueray drive attached to one of the televisions in the house it's not always the most convenient method of playing movies. Most of the Blueray discs came with the option to download a "digital copy," but copies are often laden with DRM. I like the ability to stream from our Kodi/XBMC box to any device so I ripped several of the discs only to find out that none of the rips had any audio. When I checked the MakeMKV settings it appeared audio was correctly inserted in the stream.