The Arrow

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The Arrow is a fictitious movie based loosely on the real life events lead up to the development of Canada's radically advanced fighter-interceptor, the Avro Arrow. Scrapped by the Conservative Government in 1959, the Avro Arrow was the most advanced fighter jet the world over. The movie focuses on a small subset of the workers who worked on the Arrow, in particular Crawford Gordon, played by Dan Aykroyd, the airframe designer, a woman who is a composite of different women who worked on the Arrow, James Floyd (who's actually still alive in living in Toronto), and Edward Critchley, the engineer in charge of the Iroquois engine development, as well as a number of politicians bent on the project's destruction.
Our view: 
The good - I started watching this movie having seen it several times before, it has enough of a hook that it held my interest enough to start watching it again. Although parts of the story are made up, a good amount of it feels real (Gordon Crawford blowing up at the Prime Minister, being vindictive and firing all the employees in an attempt to strong-arm Diefenbaker, and the other influences that led Diefenbaker to scrap the Arrow). Christopher Plummer did a great job as George Hees, I really hated Hees' character (this is a good thing). The okay - the quality of the video is okay. It felt like there were a few points where real video footage from the actual events was injected into the movie, but only at a few small points. For me the 4:3 aspect ratio is dead. Even though I "got into" the movie I kept noticing the 4:3 aspect ratio and wishing for 16:9. The bad - it was just too long and the end felt like it was hastily put together in order to finish the film. Out of interest I looked up some of the characters and found that James Floyd, played by Nigel Bennett, actually still lives in the Toronto area.