Our KODI Living Room Entertainment System

Our KODI entertainment system

Back when KODI was called XBMC I wrote about our Pivos XIOS DS media centre as well as the Dell Mini Inspiron 1012 netbook we also had XBMC installed on. It's been ages since we've used either system so I figured it was time for an updated article about what we've been using for the past couple of years as our living room entertainment system. What I'm including below doesn't account for other devices we use in conjunction with our living room system like tablets, phones, and other connected machines.

Home desktop switch to Ubuntu MATE 14.04.4 LTS

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.4 desktop

About a month ago, just after I replaced the 2 x 250GB hard drives in my home desktop with a 120GB SSD + 1TB hard drive, I installed Ubuntu MATE as my main Linux distribution. Part of the impetus for the switch was a recent LTSP (Linux Terminal Server) setup I did for a community centre. You can read about the challenges I had in the Linux Labs column of Issue #109 of Full Circle Magazine.

New desk a breath of fresh air

My new desk

For the past couple of years the desktop I use for the majority of my work at home has sat beside a tiny wooden desk we picked up from the now defunct XSCargo store. It was rickety at best even with only a keyboard, mouse and monitor on it, but it was only $20. I'm a bit funny about desks now that I've had quite a few. I prefer a plain-looking desk to a fancy multi-drawer, multi-teir desk. Simplicity rules. However it's hard to buy a desk you really like on a sub-$100 budget.