Don't Panic! Windows 7 End of Life Support

Windows 7

Earlier today I overheard someone say "we don't want to buy Windows 7 because support ends January 13, 2015." It's true that mainstream support for Windows 7 ends at that time, but that doesn't mean you should panic. Unlike Windows XP Microsoft is still providing updates for Windows 7. What's really happening is that Windows 7 enters the Extended Support period. In Microsoft's own words:

The Official Ubuntu Book (Eighth edition)

The Official Ubuntu book

Special thank you to the good folks at Pearson for sending me a review copy of the eighth edition of The Official Ubuntu Book. I bought copies of the fifth edition of this book and the server book but only got around to reading bits of the desktop book. I'm already well into the eighth edition and with the holiday season around the corner I should have ample time to get through this book and another.

Packt Publishing offering a free ebook/video each day until Christmas (2014)

Unreal Game Development

Packt Publishing, the great folks who asked me to write Instant XBMC, are giving away a free technical ebook/video each day until Christmas. This is cool in itself, but I've also been told that they're going to give away my book one of the days, so keep your eyes peeled each day!

OpenArena benchmark weirdness

This morning we tested OpenArena on the same motherboard, an Asus P5S800-VM with a couple of different AGP video cards and a couple of different processors, the results were pretty surprising. Our original bench machine had a Celeron D 341 CPU which runs at 2.93GHz and has a 256KB L2 cache. Combined with a BFG GeForce 5700 (256MB) card it scored a respectable 35 FPS (this is AGP remember) using version 173 of the NVidia driver.