XBMC - Audio doesn't play for movies with DTS-HD/DTS (Blueray rips)

Movies on XBMC

One of the things Santa blessed me with this year was several Blueray movies. And while we have a Blueray drive attached to one of the televisions in the house it's not always the most convenient method of playing movies. Most of the Blueray discs came with the option to download a "digital copy," but copies are often laden with DRM. I like the ability to stream from our XBMC box to any device so I ripped several of the discs only to find out that none of the rips had any audio. When I checked the MakeMKV settings it appeared audio was correctly inserted in the stream.

$5 Packt Deal - Books I bought (Dec. 24, 2014)

Three of the four Packt books I bought

The past couple of weeks I've been promoting the free ebooks Packt, the publisher of my book Instant XBMC, had until December 24, 2014. That's over now but Packt launched another really good promotion $5 for any ebook until January 6, 2015. And while it might seem self-serving that I've promoted Packt the past couple of weeks, I really think it's a great promo - so I bought several of the ebooks:

Hard Drive Wiping in Windows (8.1)

CCleaner erasing a 500GB USB hard drive

For the past 10 years or so I pretty much work exclusively in Linux, rarely turning to Windows except over RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for work or the odd mind-wasting game at home. This evening I found myself needing to securely wipe a hard drive. I could have created a DBAN.org bootable USB key and chose the USB drive, but I thought I'd look to see if there were any secure wipe programs that would work in Windows (8.1).

Don't Panic! Windows 7 End of Life Support

Windows 7

Earlier today I overheard someone say "we don't want to buy Windows 7 because support ends January 13, 2015." It's true that mainstream support for Windows 7 ends at that time, but that doesn't mean you should panic. Unlike Windows XP Microsoft is still providing updates for Windows 7. What's really happening is that Windows 7 enters the Extended Support period. In Microsoft's own words:

The Official Ubuntu Book (Eighth edition)

The Official Ubuntu book

Special thank you to the good folks at Pearson for sending me a review copy of the eighth edition of The Official Ubuntu Book. I bought copies of the fifth edition of this book and the server book but only got around to reading bits of the desktop book. I'm already well into the eighth edition and with the holiday season around the corner I should have ample time to get through this book and another.