Surprise, ieee1394 device working out of the box in Ubuntu 11.10

When Ubuntu 11.10 came out I jumped all over it and was quite disappointed. Tomboy synchronization with Ubuntu One broke on me (it's still not perfect), and I had double speed importing of video from my ieee1394 camcorder. After several weeks this seems to be fixed. I reinstalled Ubuntu 11.10 along side Fedora 16 and I'm really happy to report that not only did they fix the speed problem, but I didn't need to install ANY drivers for my camcorder to be recognized by Kino. I turned on the camera, booted my notebook, ran Kino and it was just there when I looked at the ieee1394 preferences in Kino. Another reason to be happy. I still think Ubuntu 11.10 is far from being as stable and usable as Ubuntu 10.04, but in this respect they team of coders and volunteers have done a great job.