Motherboards wanted, dead or alive!

I'm personally looking for any AMD or Intel-based Socket 370, 423, 478, 939, 940, AM2, AM2+ or newer motherboards for the purpose of photographing the boards for an online database I'm working on. The database is for refurbishers, system builders, or just people interested in finding out more about their own computer equipment. For the moment I'm keeping the database hidden, but I've already some content.

You might ask why this when you can already get this information through product manufacturer's sites? A good question which can be partially answered by the very first motherboard listed below, the Abit NF7-S2, made by a manufacturer that has gone out of business. Often when a product is deemed obsolete information can be sketchy. Even Asus, a company who has support for years, has sketchy information about some of their products, the P4B266 listed below for example. Lastly information wants to be free and if I can do this in a non-copyright infringing way I'd like to keep this information freely available.

Please contact me through the web site or find me at work if you have a board available.

[Updated: November 17, 2012]

Boards photographed and cataloged so far:

  1. Abit NF7-S2
  2. ASRock K7VM2
  3. Asus K8U-X
  4. Asus M2N-E
  5. Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
  6. Asus P4B266
  7. Asus P5LD2
  8. Biostar GeForce 6100-M9
  9. Foxconn LS-36 PN: 411726100004 (Dell Dimension 2400 motherboard)
  10. HP P4SD
  11. Intel D845GLVA