About reviewing hardware and software...

Over the past six months several people have used the charlesmccolm.com contact us page to send me information about their products and services or request a link exchange. I haven't responded to most of the requests for a few reasons that I'd like to share here.

My original intent for this site was to blog about things I wanted to get out of my head to make space for more useful information. Sometimes these things were processes, such as setting up a Drupal server on an Ubuntu Linux server. Sometimes the information was my feelings on a certain product, service, or process.

I primarily use Linux both at home and work, switching to Windows at work only when necessary. That said, I am much more likely to review Linux-related software (and hardware that works with Linux), than I am Windows-only software. A few of you have sent me information about your Windows software, this is the primary reason why I don't review/respond: I just don't use Windows at home.

That said, there is a small chance I might review a piece of Windows software if I think it would benefit recipients of The Working Centre's refurbished computers. If Malwarebytes were to send me a pro version of their anti-malware tool I would probably review it because it's a tool I think our recipients can use. I have to admit, some software like steganography tools, hold some interest to me, but since I use Linux primarily it's off the list. (I don't really have a need for it and cannot see the majority of our end users using it).

Ultimately I only review what I believe in, which tends to be more Linux than Windows-oriented. I suppose if Dell or HP sent me a notebook and asked me to review it (with Windows on it), I probably would (and send it back), but the review would be my opinion about the hardware and software, and wouldn't necessarily be rosy. I try not to dwell on the negative, but I see how frustrated a lot of people are with their systems. To me honesty is the best policy when it comes to selling someone on something. If it falls short, say where it falls down. If it excels, say where it excels.




p.s. I forgot to add: for those trying to sell me on Google ranking, I'm really not that concerned about my Google ranking. My goal isn't to rank on Google, but to keep the information here for myself and friends. Both they and I know how to get here.