New Ubuntu Hour venue?

Bob Jonkman will be hosting an Ubuntu Hour on April 25th in time for the Raring Ringtail release. Each month both Bob and I try to host Ubuntu Hour events. This month I was unable to host, but I'm back on schedule for the first Friday, May 3rd. We've tried a few spots in the past, Misty Mountain, Pyrus Cafe, and Egg Roll King. For this month I'd like to change the venue to Williams Cafe, 340 Fairway Road South. I know this will be a bit unpopular among current attendees because it's further away from where most are coming from. Part of the reason for the change is selfishness, the location is closer to home for me, and part of the reason is the hope of attracting people from Cambridge who might not attend other meetings.

Williams has free wifi, acceptable coffee, and lots of food. Holding meetings at Egg Roll King was great because of the food selection, but holding it at Williams means there's less of an issue of someone only comes and wants to buy a single coffee. Other than gas it's also likely you'll save a bit more in your wallet. The food is decent, and there's options for vegetarians as well as carnivores.

Raring Ringtail will be out for several days by this time so it should be interesting to discuss what's new and exciting in the world of Ubuntu Linux.