Practical use for Shazam app - looking up untitled songs

If you haven't tried the Shazam music lookup app for phones and tablets you're missing out on a neat application. The Shazam app listens for a brief period of time to a song then tries to look up the song in a massive database. My experience is that it's very accurate, especially if you let it listen during vocal points in a song. It's missed a few songs, mostly instrumental, or when there's a lot of background noise, but the majority of the time it's accurate. I was surprised when it was able to match a song by Pastor Lopez Y Su Combo, yeah it's that good. Matching by sound is petty cool, but it always seemed kind of gimmicky. I've had Shazam installed on my BlackBerry Bold for well over a year and rarely ever used it... until now. Today I spent the better part of the day (from about 9am to 9pm) working around the house. While I was working I ripped a slew of CDs. Some of those CDs didn't get recognized by the auto-look-up software, so I have about 4 folders of: Title 1, Title 2, Title 3, ... you get the idea. Unlike the PC software, Shazam doesn't match on length but actual music pattrerns. It's a great way to figure out the titles of those untitled songs you ripped way back.