+1 for the Accent

Van racing through a slush and ice filled road

We've had our 2012 Hyundai Accent since mid-2014, but this morning was the first day it really was tested by our Canadian weather. Over the weekend our area was subject to a relentless mix of rain and freezing rain. Saturday we ventured out for about 30 minutes and by the time we got home our car was covered in a thin layer of ice. Because of this (and the fact that there were sirens going off all around us) we decided to spend a quiet weekend at home. Weekends come and go and this morning we ventured out at 5:20am. Highway 85 (heading towards Waterloo) was clear in most places, but the water levels were high enough that I kept it right around the limit right to the King Street cut off. King Street was like-wise clear, but turning right on Conestogo Road was all but impossible except for the likes of buses and big trucks, the snow was simply too deep. Northfield drive was relatively clear, but as we turned on to Davenport Road we could tell the snow would only get worse. Frobisher drive was a mess of snow at least a foot deep, but thanks to a few larger vehicles that had gone before us there were tracks we could follow.

Snow scraped the bottom of our Accent as we drove through the tracks on Frobisher, but we had enough traction that we could barrel through the snow and turn on less ploughed streets. Several years ago when we bought our snow tires we bought the best tires offered by the dealer (Michelin X-Ice). Our pocket book took more of a dent than we wanted, but given this morning's drive I'm really glad we splurged for the X-Ice tires, they were great in this slushy ice-encrusted weather.