Movies this weekend: too many to list in the title!

  • 13 January 2018
  • charm

I was really bad on the movie purchasing front this weekend, but that's because most of the DVDs I bought were $1.50 to $2.00. Last weekend I mentioned lacking children's movies. One of the boxed sets I bought awhile back was the Shrek series. I loaned the boxed set out a few years back and when it came back the second and third DVD were completely unusable. Not only did I found the second and third, but I found a fourth movie that I didn't know existed (Shrek Forever After).

The next closest movie to a children's movie was Corpse Bride. I'm not a huge fan of these Tim Burton movies, but I like the art style (maybe at some point I'll work on a game with Burton-esque characters). Derived from a video game, I picked up Max Payne on Blu-ray (the rest so far have been DVD) for $1.50. I haven't seen the movie, so even if it's terrible I've at least added another movie to the growing Blu-ray collection. At $3.00 Splice was a bit more than the Max Payne Blu-ray, but it covers an area that I don't have a lot of - Science Fiction.

On the comedy front I picked up Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different. I've never been a huge Monty Python fan, but certain skits like the death scene from The Meaning of Life, put me in stitches. The restaurant skit from the same movie just grossed me out. I find Monty Python is something that you have to re-watch to appreciate.

On the drama front I picked up Rounders and Australia. I can never sit through a show like Poker Stars, it's just not that interesting, but Rounders, perhaps. I saw the DVD for Rounders with a couple of different case designs, I picked up the DVD with the card design on the front (it seemed the earlier DVD) after noting that it was widescreen.

I'm going to have to add each of these movies to my list once I get a chance to rip them and put them on our KODI server. I still haven't ripped and added the movies from last week, we've just been too busy. But it doesn't really stop there, I also picked up Season 1 of MacGyver - yes 80's cheese! At $7.99 it was a bit more than the other DVDs, but well worth reliving my T.V. youth. Finishing off all the DVDs is the first season of Heroes. I've seen Heroes several times at pretty good rates, but this time I got it for $3.00 minus 50% (yes, the whole season for $1.50). I didn't pick it up before because super-hero genre films appeal less to me than other types of fantasy videos, but I saw one scene from Heroes being shot in Kitchener.

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