Fasteroids - February 28, 2018 Update

  • 28 February 2018
  • charm
Gamemaker Studio version 2.1

It's been a long time since I've posted any updates about the Asteroids-like game I've been working on called Fasteroids. Development stalled for a couple of months while I was working on other projects, but I'm back at it again. For about a month I worked every day at odd hours of the day to come up with Fasteroids. Fasteroids was my first GMS game, and as such I was doing a lot of learning all at once. I added a lot of bug fixes and improvements to the game, but the last version of the game I worked on ended up being a mess of code. Even though I documented my code with lots of comments I had a hard time coming back to the code after the extended break. I have been thinking about completely rewriting Fasteroids from scratch for a long time now.

This evening I decided I would completely rewrite Fasteroids from scratch, but with an added complication, I bought GMS version 2, so this means learning a newer Integrated Development Environment (IDE). I don't expect it will take me long to get up to speed again. A month should do it to learn what I want to learn before I start seriously looking at re-coding Fasteroids. On the plus side of things the new IDE seems to have some very big improvements, and I purchased a bunch of videos from Packt Publishing for GMS2 during their Christmas sale last year, so I have some added instruction to look at outside of what's included with GMS 2 and all the Youtube videos.

Thanks for everyone's patience, I am continuing Fasteroids, it's just not in a place that I like it at this point.



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