GMS 1.4.x or GMS 2.x?

  • Posted on: 14 June 2018
  • By: charm
Windows 10 reinstalled on my laptop

The past two days I've been setting up my laptop so I can work on Fasteroids and other games. I originally bought GameMaker Studio 1.4 on a Humble Bundle. A couple of months ago I bought a license for GameMaker Studio 2.x. Version 1.x is being retired at the end of July 2018 (barely a month away). I was thinking of forgetting trying to develop Fasteroids on GMS 1.4 and just learning 2.x. The code I wrote on GMS 1.4 doesn't work in 2.x, enough has changed that I'd have to redo a lot of Fasteroids if I decide to move to 2.x.

Moving to version 2.x seems like the smart decision given 1.x is being retired so soon, but I found a lot of things I don't like about 2.x, or rather things I like better about 1.x. Version 1.x is very linear, things are easy to follow. Version 2.x looks a bit more polished, but it feels a bit the way Firefox does now, there really wasn't anything wrong with the old Firefox, and I'm not a fan of hiding things under cryptic icons or search. The other thing 1.x does FAR FAR better is the tutorials. Version 1.x of GMS includes a lot of tutorials covering a lot more than what's available for 2.x. I've mentioned this a couple of places but GMS 2.x feels like it was made for developers who used 1.4.x but were unsatisfied with certain features. This isn't a bad thing, it just feels like 2.x isn't quite ready for someone completely new to coding. Yes there are lots of tutorials being developed around GMS 2.x, but they're not a part of the GMS 2.x default set of tutorials, which IMHO is severely lacking compared to what came with 1.4.x.

It's a bit like comparing apples and oranges since 1.4.x has had a long development period. I'm sure (I hope) more will be added to the main tutorial interface, but at this point it feels like a rushed job to get something out the door. I'm sure 2.x is fantastic, I've gone half way through the first set of tutorials (with some complaints about that tutorial too), and I can see improvements... but I think I might do better working in 1.4.x despite the looming retirement date. Maybe once I've figured out more of 1.4.x I'll be in a better place to figure out some of the more Intermediate/Advanced topics that are in 1.4.x.