Fasteroids development update (UFO's)

  • Posted on: 12 July 2018
  • By: charm
UFO spawning on the left side of Fasteroids

Since revising the web site I haven't been posting very frequently about Fasteroids. This post is just to let everyone know that I am working on Fasteroids. Much of what I've been working on is fixing little issues, but I also have a few "features" on tap for the future. To start with Fasteroids now has the beginnings of an enemy UFO (see screenshot). This is just the start. For the moment I'm just spawing the UFO at certain intervals. The UFO spawns at a random Y axis location but spawns either on the right or left and streams across the screen.

I've changed up the music. I previously used some CC music that had a more restrictive CC license. I actually like the "I dunno" tune by "grapes" a bit better than what I'd used before. Of course I've attributed the tune to grapes in the about of the game.

I've made a few other menu changes and for the moment the game starts in windowed mode, rather than full screen (this will probably change for the final version).

An important change I made was adding the "right shoulder trigger" button as another way to shoot from a gamepad (I'm testing with an XBox 360 wireless controller). Before this change the fire button was the "B" button on the game controller... I found that after 5 minutes my hand was getting tired. The right shoulder trigger button is a lot easier on the hand.

Quite a few new features are on the horizon for Fasteroids... stay tuned!