Instant XBMC

Instant XBMC book in Paperback

Instant XBMC is part of Packt Publishing's series of "Instant" titles, titles that attempt to get you up to speed as quick as possible by focusing on some of the more important elements of technology. Instant XBMC is available in both eBook (Packtpub,, Safari, and iTunes) and paperback format ( only).

For Instant XBMC I chose to focus on installing and configuring XBMC on PC based hardware using XBMCbuntu, a flavour of Ubuntu Linux + XBMC that takes care of a lot of setup steps. Why not write about XBMC on embeded devices? Quite simply because others have written extensively about XBMC on the Raspberry Pi and because most people have at least one personal computer. You can get a good sample of the book here:

Chapter 1 covers what XBMC is, the minimum PC hardware requirements, downloading XBMCbuntu and creating an XBMCbuntu USB key, installing XBMCbuntu and finishes up with some advice about what to try if you're having display problems.

Chapter 2 covers naming and tagging media files, getting files from other systems to your XBMC system and adding files to your XBMC library.

Easytag audio tagging software

Chapter 3 covers features you should know about such as using add-ons to view Internet content, how to stream music from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to XBMC, how to stream in reverse from XBMC to your Android or iOS device, and how to watch live TV from an Internet source.

Chapter 4 is a list of people and places you should get to know.

Several other pages are dedicated to copyright information, credits, about the author, about the reviewer, some information about Packt Publishing and the packtpub web site as well as some other Packt Publishing books.

Still thinking about why you should buy a several year-old book (2013) in 2016?

  • Except for Chapter 1, most of the examples and advice still work the same way today. Sadly the KODI project seems to have their hands full with new KODI releases to re-roll an entire Linux distribution around it.
  • Contrary to some reviews on the Google Store, the KODI wiki doesn't cover everything covered in the book (love it when people review a book they haven't actually read).
  • Although the book is small, consider this: many people buy a $4/$5 cappuccino without batting an eye but are less willing to spend that or slightly more for a book that has infinitely more value; if you learn one thing new from the book isn't that worth that small price?
  • When you buy Instant XBMC you're supporting our family in addition to supporting Packt Publishing. Your support means a lot to us! This is one of the reasons over the years I've continued to write about KODI and software used in conjunction with KODI.

XBMC on our Samsung TV

If you've already bought my book thank you so much! Our family really appreciates it.