Fasteroids Development Update (still working on the UFOs)

  • Posted on: 21 July 2018
  • By: charm
The new UFO for Fasteroids

I'd hoped by now to be a lot further along than I am in the development of Fasteroids. At this point I'm stuck solving some issues surrounding the UFOs that spawn in Fasteroids. I also wasn't particularly pleased with how the UFO looked. I modelled the original UFO after a print I saw, the print looked neat, but my implementation of it just didn't look right to me. I came up with a new sprite for the UFO (pictured below). It's also the first time I've used one of the new tools I bought, the Aseprite sprite creator. I really like Aseprite, but when I import sprites created with Aseprite into GameMaker the transparent area is all green. For the moment I've been manually erasing the green areas, but it's extremely time consuming.

I also came up with a ufo explosion sprite. I'm not completely happy with the sprite and there are some issues around it getting destroyed that I have to work through.

The good news throughout all of this is that I'm starting to re-learn and remember some of what took me a lot of concentrated effort before. I'm working on Fasteroids more and more lately, but I'm also managing to maintain a good balance of work, family, and relaxation. I'm hoping to release some new video soon. Once I clear up some of the UFO issues I'll get to work on a video showing the progress.