Annual Packt Publishing $5 ebook/video sale - title's I bought

  • 6 January 2017
  • charm
Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook

Every year around Christmas/Boxing day Packt Publishing runs a $5.00 sale. For $5 USD you can pick up any ebook or video in the Packt Publishing library. The past couple of years I've picked up books each time they've run the sale. The sale ends soon (January 9th). This year I picked up the following titles:

  • Gamemaker Cookbook by Brandon Gardiner
  • HTML5 Game Development with Gamemaker by Jason Lee Elliott
  • Gamemaker Programming by Example by Brian Christian and Steven Isaacs
  • Gamemaker Essentials by Nathan Auckett
  • Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook by Mihaela Jurkovic and Rigel Di Scala

Gamemaker only runs on Windows, but apparently can create Linux binaries. I picked up Gamemaker in a Humble Bundle deal last year, but haven't worked with it much yet. Inkscape is now up to version 0.92 on Windows and 0.91 on Linux, so you might ask why buy a book about such an old version? The Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook is a bit over 300 pages and covers a lot of useful basics using a cookbook approach. The layout of tools might change, but a lot of the basics will still apply. I previewed the book before buying it an it looked great.

I briefly checked out the various Gamemaker titles I bought and they all seem to have something different to offer. One has a section touching on Facebook games, another takes a very reference like approach to Gamemaker while a third has a lot of actual game examples. It was more books than I expected to buy on the subject, but they seem to balance each other out. There was one more title I considered, but ended up not buying because I wanted to branch out and get the Inkscape book.

I looked for a book on Hydrogen Drum Kit, but Packt doesn't offer one. They do have an old book on LMMS, but I didn't bite this year. I know I'm biased having written a book for Packtpub, but I think the deal is a good one. Check out Packt Publishing at The deal ends soon and it's worth pointing out that they're in the U.K. so not entirely sure if the January 9th deadline is their time or another timezone.

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