Actual compression numbers from compressing our Blu-ray library

  • Posted on: 22 October 2018
  • By: charm
Compression of mkv files above 50%

Over the past week we've been compressing our Blu-ray library to save space on our 8TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS drive. After around 8 months we managed to almost fill the drive, the vast majority of space being taken up by MKV files created from our Blu-ray library. A solution was needed, and buying a new larger drive wasn't an option at this point. Enter Handbrake-cli, the command-line version of the popular DVD-ripping and compression program Handbrake. Initial tests showed positive compression results with very good quality at 1080p using the h264 codec. After a week of compressing our library we have the results from 18 files we've compressed over this period. The results are pretty interesting.

First it's worth noting that the chart begins at 50% compression. This means all files were compressed to at least half the size, with most files compressed a lot more. The least compressed file was also one of the smallest files in our sample, a 9.9GB file shrunk to 4.9GB, or 50.51%. The largest file, 27GB, similarly was compressed, 1.6GB, more than all the rest of the files to a whopping 94.07% of the original size. The average original file size of the files we compressed was roughly 19.9GB. The average compressed file size was 3.72GB. On average Handbrake-cli compressed files by 79.23%.