Kdenlive quick colourfix in Linux Mint Cinnamon

  • 18 February 2017
  • charm
Kdenlive has colour issues in Linux Mint Cinnamon

Recently I've been going through old footage I shot on MiniDV several years ago. In the past I've used OpenShot to edit video, but I did quite a bit of looking at what people are currently using and Kdenlive seemed to get mentioned at lot more, so I decided to give it a shot. One annoyance immediately popped up was that all tool-tips were showing up as white text on a yellow background (unreadable). Now I'm pretty sure this wasn't an intentional, Kdenlive was most likely developed in a KDE environment where the theme changed this white on yellow behaviour, but in Mint Cinnamon 18 it doesn't look good.

My first thought was to try:

Settings > Theme > Configuration

But since we're not running KDE we get this error:

KDE Control Center Error

The fix is just a little lower:

Settings > Style > Fusion

This changes the Kdenlive look slightly, but at least now we see the tooltips correctly in Linux Mint Cinnamon.

Good tooltips in KDENLive

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