KODI - Adding Television Shows with the Same Name

  • 4 March 2017
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Making a directory with a date from the command line

A few weeks back I picked up Season 2 of "Robin Hood" from a thrift shop. At the time I was thinking it was "Arrow." Having never seen an episode of "Arrow" (it didn't look that great when I saw previews) I never picked it up before. Now that it's sunk in that "Robin Hood" isn't "Arrow" I'm actually really happy with this mistake (happy accident). When I go thrift shopping for DVDs I usually try to find movies that I might not be able to pick up anywhere except a specialty video store. But I digress. When I searched for "Robin Hood" on Amazon I came up with a lot of The Adventures of Robin Hood, Robin of Sherwood, and The New Adventures of Robin Hood. That got me thinking that there must be TV titles that have repeated over time (e.g. 1965, 2004) but are completely different shows.

One way to differentiate television shows in KODI is to place the show episodes in a folder that includes the date. For example:

mkdir "Robin Hood (2006)"
cd Robin\ Hood\ \(2009\)/

I used to use underscores to name folders, but creating directories with spaces is as simple as enclosing the directory name in quotations. Of course you can just use whatever GUI file manager to make the directories, but I still prefer the command line.

According to the KODI wiki you can use a country code extension for shows that originate elsewhere (I haven't had success with this). Something like:

mkdir "Robin Hood (UK)"

I tried this with the Canadian version of The Newsroom which came out in 1996.

mkdir "The Newsroom (CA)"

But KODI was not able to scrape any episodes correctly until I renamed the directory with the date code only.

mkdir "The Newsroom (1996)"

With the date KODI correctly scraped the Canadian artwork and information about the show. Incidentally, the other The Newsroom is a U.S. show that came out in 2012. KODI.wiki is the definitive source for naming files, but I find things don't always work 100% according to wiki. ;-)

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