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  • 15 March 2017
  • charm
Commenting is now enabled through

Years ago when I first set up this site on Drupal there were not as many bots, spammers and techniques for maliciously spamming the heck out of a web site. I've redone this site several times. The last incarnation of the web site had well over 250 articles and was pretty heavily indexed by Google. While the site has never been in the 20,000 views/month range it's had some pretty good spikes for a niche site and because of it's longevity and people trying to game Google there are quite a few spambots out there that have tried to auto-create accounts whenever I've opened up account creation.

My original intention for this web site was as a place for me to document technical things that I might repeat again, but might not remember. I realized several years ago that other people actually found interesting some of the same things I did. I tried several solutions to open up discussions, adding modules to prevent bots, blacklisting I.P. addresses, captcha fields, and search for malicious patterns. None of these techniques really seemed to help prevent spambots or actual people create spammy accounts. The last time I opened up registration (approval by admin) I was getting close to 80 accounts/day being created. While I managed to reduce this down to about 40/day I probably deleted some real accounts in the process.

Community engagement has always been important to me. As such I'm trying again using to implement commenting on all content except for static pages. My hope is that Disqus comments will generate more engagement because I learn more from your feedback than I have from things I've investigated. Once you have a Disqus account you can comment. Disqus allows login/account creation through Facebook, Twitter, Google or Email, so signing up is pretty easy.

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