KODI server (planning upgrades)

  • Posted on: 7 November 2018
  • By: charm
Running Handbrake-cli on 3 separate machines via ssh

Our KODI server has been doing a great job of serving our media (movies, television shows, music videos and music), but lately I've been using it to convert blu-ray media files (via handbrake-cli) and play/download some pretty big Steam games. With the price of SSD storage media dropping it seemed like a good time to think about some upgrades.

Ideally I'd upgrage our KODI server to a Ryzen 5 2600 with a M.2 boot drive and 8GB of RAM, but there are better (family) things to spend that money on. Since SSDs are so inexpensive Friday I plan on picking up a 500GB SSD. Our current boot drive is a 120GB SSD, good enough to store the meta-data for our media files and Xubuntu, but as we add larger Steam games we're running out of space on that drive. Moving the /home folder to the 8TB drive is a possibility, but I'd rather keep it on the SSD, and the SSD will add necessary speed.

The server currently has an i5-2300 CPU. I've mentioned before that it has the best handbrake encoding of any of the machines in our place, but I have an i7-2600 processor that I pulled from a machine that was mostly gutted and left at our building's recycling area. This was at one time the top processor for the era (except the K version) and juding from cpubenchmark.net seems significantly better than the i5-2300. So instead of trying to find a newer motherboard and processor on the cheap I put this one in and encode some more videos.

The Blu-ray file encoding is going well. In the past couple of weeks I've encoded over 50 of the Blu-ray disc files with an average compression of almost 80% with almost no noticeable quality loss. That said. I came across an add-on for KODI that lets you use one of the remote buttons to display extra content associated with a Blu-ray (or DVD). This seems like a cool feature, but it means that I'm no longer just pulling the feature movie off the Blu-ray, but all the content.

Some of the extra content are trailers for other movies. I'm still interested in these, but what I'm doing is putting those on an external 1TB laptop-size drive I got as a birthday gift. I'm interested in the trailers to fill out missing parts of the movie collection.

At one point I had most of my movie collection, DVD and Blu-ray, documented on this web site. I managed to do a bit more work with Drupal a month back and figured out some things I always wanted to learn, so expect to see some movie-related posts in the near future.