Fedora 28 Torrents

  • Posted on: 11 May 2018
  • By: charm
Front page of the Fedora Linux distribution web site

I'm a torrent kind of guy. Torrenting makes a lot of sense for distribution of Linux distributions, share the load among torrenters so the servers don't have to work as hard. It frustrates me a bit when I can't find a torrent for a particular Linux distribution. I'm a bit puzzled as to why a project as big as the Fedora Linux project wouldn't mention Torrent links below their download section. Does the project think it's going to make Red Hat look bad? Torrenting is a very legitimate method of software distribution and distribution of Linux distributions is one way of furthering that legitimization.

The home page for Fedora can take you directly to the download page if you hover over Workstation/Server/Atomic and then click the Download button that appears. If you just click on the section (Workstation/Server/Atomic) it takes one more click to get to the actual download page. A quick CTRL+F (search) for torrent shows nothing on the page and it appears there's no torrent download link on the downloads page for Fedora. Like I said, this is odd since it appears that the Fedora project does support torrent downloads:


Fedora's torrent server is pretty amazing, just look at all those Fedora spins available on the torrent server - all recent spins. Why hide something as great as this server?