Fasteroids (log) - July 30, 2017

  • 31 July 2017
  • charm

I found a major bug in the new version of Fasteroids I released to family and friends. Just before releasing Fasteroids I added some animation to the ship. When I added that animation it did a couple of things: a) made the player invincible, b) when you moved the animation continued to "fire" even if you stopped. I fixed the animation so that when you stopped the animation stopped, but this introduced another bug, the temporary invincibility when you first start/die restart stopped running. I fixed both bugs after midnight (so technically this should be the July 31 blog). Oh, I also slowed down the rate at which the "last man" icon pulses.

In fact it is July 31st and I'm already off to a pretty good start to the day doing other necessary work. I have some running around, plant planting, a bit of shopping for organizational things, a screen (for a window) to fix, and I need to fetch water for the water cooler. I may not do it today, but I need to finish a job I did of cleaning up the spice rack (removing all the spices, cleaning the spice jars, putting the spices back and labeling them better). I also need to pick up a variable power supply for my Casio CTK-100 keyboard. I have an AC adapter somewhere, but it's gone missing (likely organized somewhere). Currently Fasteroids has some CC music in it as a placeholder. It's about time I started adding the music I really wanted in.

I may start to work on the alien ship as well, though having sat through a 900k game I'm tempted to work on the difficulty subroutine. I may leave it until the ship is done because it in itself could add more difficulty.

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