Fasteroids (log): August 25, 2017

  • 25 August 2017
  • charm

There hasn't been a log for a long time because development has slowed down a bit. I've added some aesthetic effects to Fasteroids that improve the look of the game slightly, and I squashed a couple of bugs. One person who played Asteroids a lot mentioned wanting the ship to turn faster. I've increased the ship turning rate slightly, but this sometimes means overshooting the target. This might get changed back after some more testing. I have plans on adding more content this weekend, but also have committed to writing a couple of articles for FCM. One of the problems I run into, that I often see posted as a developer joke, is uninterrupted time. Getting that time to put what's swirling around in the noggin on to paper or a machine is often a challenge.

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