KODI: Naming double disc movies

  • 23 September 2017
  • charm
KODI 17.04

This afternoon I was out scouring for some new movies for my already largish collection of 800+ DVDs. I didn't find much this afternoon, but ended up picking up the movie The Right Stuff. I haven't watched the movie yet, but it appears to be the events leading up to the launch of the Mercury rocket. I checked the DVD and noticed it had 2 sides, both of which were unblemished, but oddly both wide screen. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed the movie is just over 3 hours long (explaining the two sides).

This begged the question: how do you name each disc so that KODI will understand it's one movie on a couple of discs (files)? As with a lot of open source software, you have some choice when naming double discs:

The Right Stuff - disc1.mkv
The Right Stuff - part1.mkv
The Right Stuff - cd1.mkv
The Right Stuff - pt1.mkv
The Right Stuff - dvd1.mkv
The Right Stuff - disk1.mkv

The second file would be named something like:

The Right Stuff - disc2.mkv

You can also substitute A through D where you would put a number:

The Right Stuff - disca.mkv
The Right Stuff - discb.mkv

I find it a bit odd that the KODI team chose to include cd# and disk#. You could argue the cd# format since right up to 2014 VCDs (Video CDs) were still being distributed in some countries. But disk# doesn't make a whole lot of sense since disk refers to magnetic media like floppy disks and disc refers to optical media like cds and DVDs. Here dvd# or part# makes the most sense to me. I used the dvd# convention.

So, how does it appear in KODI with the 2 files? Just as one title:

KODI listing for The Right Stuff

As the movie plays it plays both parts and if you look at the movie info as it's playing it lists the 3 hour and 12 minute length.

If you want to find out more about naming your video files for KODI the canonical site is the KODI wiki: http://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files/Movies


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