Desktop reinstalled, OBS start, and more Game of Thrones

  • 1 January 2018
  • charm

A few days back I wrote about my "laundry list" of things I needed to do. I had 11 items in that list, some of which consisted of multiple steps. Ripping season 6 of Game of Thrones was the first item I finished. In fact I also picked up season 7 and managed to rip it too. As I type this I'm ripping an extra Blu-ray that came with season 7 entitled Game of Thrones Conquest and Rebellion (animated). I did things a bit backwards.

First I ripped season 6 of GoT and transferred the files to our KODI media center. Then I reinstalled Windows on my desktop computer, using the whole SSD for Windows and half of the 1TB for DATA. But I ran into a problem because I chose Windows 10 Professional and apparently when I did my upgrade from 8.1 to 10 the version of Windows 10 that got installed wasn't Pro (because the license wasn't valid). Rather than install 10 again I chose to just go back to 8.1. This took a bit longer to install because of driver issues. Although I knew which NVidia driver 8.1 needed it refused to accept the driver until updates were done and 8.1 wanted to take it's sweet time to do updates (overnight basically).

I installed Windows 8.1 using the same partitioning scheme as I used for Windows 10. This meant installing Ubuntu Linux on the half of the 1TB hard drive I still had left. When I installed Windows I also installed OBS, GIMP, and Shotcut. On Ubuntu I installed Filezilla and MakeMKV (I'm a paid/licensed user). I haven't installed Handbrake yet, but it's on my list.

I haven't put the TV tuner card in our KODI media center yet, I want to upgrade the video, the onboard video is marginally worse than the GeForce 210 card we had before. Once this is done I'll look at configuring the TV tuner. I did connect a basic antenna to our television and was able to pull in 3 unique channels (4 total). The channels were very clear, but it's such a small amount of channels it's almost not worth it. I haven't looked to see how good the antenna is, but I suspect even with a much more expensive antenna we wouldn't pull in a lot more high-quality channels.

This leaves backing up and reinstalling Linux on my laptop and redoing the LED setup on the back of our television. I might take up the second challenge today, but my rip has finished and it's time to watch some more Game of Thrones - I still haven't finished watching season 7 for the first time.

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