A blog worth reading - L-com.com/blog

  • 3 January 2018
  • charm

There are a lot of corporate blogs, few of them interesting. L-com.com/blog actually posts some interesting blog posts about the differences in technology they sell. Yes, this is the same for all corporate blogs, maybe it's the plain Drupal site, or the content itself, but I find myself drawn to the articles here. If you visit l-com.com's sales page it looks like your typical online reseller, with one important difference from a lot of fly-by-night resellers - an address at the bottom. I think what I like about the blog is that there's real-world use examples in some of the posts and differences between products in other posts, it's not just a sales pitch.

L-com.com's blog may be very plain looking, but it's worth looking through the 40+ pages of blog posts.


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