Xubuntu - change the default web browser

  • 3 January 2018
  • charm
Xubuntu whisker menu

I've been on vacation for the past month. During that time it appears some updates to Google Chrome now cause Chrome to default to prompting for a password keyring. This annoying behaviour led me to delete Chrome from my system, but that left me with a problem - clicking on the default Xubuntu web browser icon now resulted in an error (it was still looking for Google Chrome). And while it would be nice if Xubuntu's default behaviour would search for another web browser (or let you set one), it's not. So here's how to fix the problem in Xubuntu 16.04.

Click the "Whisker" menu (the start menu) and click the "All Settings" icon at the bottom of the Whisker menu.

A new window appears with a number of different settings options. Click the "Preferred Applications" icon.

A new window appears. Choose the web browser you want from the drop down list under the "web browsers" section.

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