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Years ago when I first set up this site on Drupal there were not as many bots, spammers and techniques for maliciously spamming the heck out of a web site. I've redone this site several times. The last incarnation of the web site had well over 250 articles and was pretty heavily indexed by Google.

KODI - Adding Television Shows with the Same Name

Making a directory with a date from the command line

Television shows can be differentiated a couple of ways so KODI knows which show you're referring to. Here's how I've started differentiating my shows.

Kdenlive quick colourfix in Linux Mint Cinnamon

Kdenlive has colour issues in Linux Mint Cinnamon

Recently I've been going through old footage I shot on MiniDV several years ago. In the past I've used OpenShot to edit video, but I did quite a bit of looking at what people are currently using and Kdenlive seemed to get mentioned at lot more, so I decided to give it a shot. One annoyance immediately popped up was that all tool-tips were showing up as white text on a yellow background (unreadable).

Failed [fixed] Linux Mint 17.3 to 18.1 upgrade

Linux Mint 18.1 desktop

A couple of days ago I decided that it was time I upgraded my main desktop from Linux Mint 17.3 to 18.x. Up to this point I've been hesitant to upgrade. I remember looking at the comments several months back and people recommended not upgrading at that time. I Googled the steps and followed the "mintupgrade upgrade" steps, but I did this right before heading to bed, and I did it on terminal session 1 rather than using a terminal window within Cinnamon.


Justifying a video card upgrade in my workstation/gaming machine


Sometimes it's hard to justify buying a piece of hardware when you know you're really only going to use it's advanced features occasionally. For a little while I've had my eye on the (at least for me) new-ish GIGABYTE Radeon RX 460 WINDFORCE OC 4G video card. The Gigabyte F2A85XM-D3H in my main workstation has worked really well with my A8-5600K processor and I really haven't had many complaints (other than when I first installed/upgraded to Windows 10 there was some issues with video tearing that went away with driver updates)... that was until this evening.


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