Ripping, tagging and playing music in Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon

  • 5 November 2016
  • charm
Banshee with Cover Art

Our living room occasionally suffers from scope creep. DVDs, Bluerays, audio CDs, blank CDs/DVDs, and burned media tend to get strewn about parts of our living room. It starts out clean, but over several months things start to look less organized as more gets added. So when I came across one of my favourite CDs, the AC/DC Who Made Who CD, I decided it was time to sit down and figure out a work flow for ripping audio CDs.


Trimming Shell Content

  • 28 September 2016
  • charm
cat /proc/cpuinfo

One of the tasks I've been meaning to get to for a long while is to automatically generate information about a system and inject that information into a mysql database so it could be used later for printing things like specification sheets or injecting into our point-of-sale database. I finally got around to the simple job of trimming data generated by shell/cli software using a combination of cat, grep, and cut.


Zoomtak T8H Review and comparison

  • 19 September 2016
  • charm
Zoomtak T8H Android box

There are dozens of Android boxes for cord cutters. We've owned a couple of boxes, the lower-end Pivos XIOS DS Media Play, and the more beefy MyGica ATV582. Both boxes are good machines, but compromise on certain features. When it came time to buy a new Android box to run KODI on we looked for a device that combined the best features of each box and we ended up with the Zoomtak T8H.