Hard Drive Wiping In Windows

CCleaner's drive erase function

If you've got a hard drive you need to wipe in a USB enclosure or as a second drive in your Windows system here's a simple way to wipe the data off the drive without ever leaving Windows.

Kodi/XBMC - Audio doesn't play for movies with DTS-HD/DTS (Bluray rips)

KODI displaying some bluray movies

One of the things Santa blessed me with this year was several Bluray movies. And while we have a Bluray drive attached to one of the televisions in the house it's not always the most convenient method of playing movies. Most of the Bluray discs came with the option to download a "digital copy," but copies are often laden with DRM. I like the ability to stream from our Kodi/XBMC box to any device so I ripped several of the discs only to find out that none of the rips had any audio. When I checked the MakeMKV settings it appeared audio was correctly inserted in the stream.


Identifying hard drives in Ubuntu Linux

Hard Drives

This article was prompted by a Twitter question I sent @philbaker1 about some SSDs he was testing. Phil was testing an mSATA and a SATA drive and one drive seemed to read more MB/sec than the other, so I asked which, to which Phil replied:

I'm not sure.:) Only diff between the two is the impossibly long serial numbers, which don't give a clue.

Setting up a PHP development environment in a ~/user/public_html directory


We run a number of servers at work that run open source software written largely in PHP. One of the software packages we purchased, another we hired a programmer 8 years ago to develop a custom solution based on, but quite different from, an existing php-based program. We've had a volunteer developer (and myself on the very rare occasion) maintaining our custom code over the past several years, but for the last year or so I've had this itch to redo the whole thing from scratch, separating it from the php-based program it was initially based on.


KODI / XBMC movie reorganization

I've been using XBMC, now KODI, for a few years now. Over those years I've tried ripping my optical media using a wide variety of programs, exported to many different formats (OGG, AVI, MP4, MKV), and used a few different naming conventions (with underscores, without underscores, appending DVD/Blueray to the name, with(out) date). The different naming conventions really stuck out last night while I was adding more video to our KODI server.


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