Fasteroids (log): July 10, 2017

  • 10 July 2017
  • charm

This morning I worked a little on Game controller support using my XBox 360 wireless controller to test. On my Windows 10 development machine the controller didn't work at all. It seemed a bit strange since the driver appears to be installed correctly in Windows 10 - I get an icon in device manager that looks like an XBox 360 controller and it's not deactivated or missing, movement just didn't work. (It was paired with the receiver the same way as the 7 machine I tried next)

Fasteroids (log): July 6, 2017

  • 7 July 2017
  • charm

Spent a good amount of time last night on Fasteroids and resolved the multi-firing bug I introduced cleaning up code. I used the wrong keyboard function in the code which led to rapid fire. It's kind of a cool side effect since I could introduce the bug as a kind of power-up where you have a time-limited ability to rapid fire. (sometimes bugs/accidents lead to good things).

Fasteroids (log): July 5, 2017

  • 6 July 2017
  • charm

If you look closely you'll notice I'm writing this development log on July 6th. Because I work late on Wednesdays there's less of a chance of my working on Fasteroids. I intended to get work done last night, but life got in the way - in an interesting and helpful way. I got home a little after 7pm and had just finished some house work when I got a call from a friend I haven't heard from in a few years. We ended up talking for over 1 1/2 hours, after which it was just about time to head to sleep.


Fasteroids (log): July 4, 2017

  • 4 July 2017
  • charm
Trello planning board for Fasteroids

First things first, Happy 4th of July to our United States of America friends! This is less a development log update and more of a administrative-type update. I've started tracking ideas and things I'm planning for Fasteroids on a Trello board: I've made the board publicly visible. For the moment I plan to continue posting updates here as well since it gives a better venue for more thoroughly explaining ideas.

Fasteroids (log): July 3, 2017

  • 3 July 2017
  • charm
Game over screen of Fasteroids after 20 waves of asteroids

Development continued a bit this week on Fasteroids. After a bit of a false start I've now implemented an extra life every so often, I'm not saying when so I don't spoil it. I also tided up spawning code as implemented in the Shaun Spalding videos, using a for loop rather than just creating several instances. This made it easier to implement more difficult levels. If you look at the screenshot you'll notice I made it all the way to wave 20 (of course this is with the extra levels implemented).

I'd planned on implementing a bit more this long weekend but life got in the way.