Ripping difficult double feature DVDs.

MakeMKV ripping Out Of The Blue

Sometimes double feature DVDs appear in Handbrake as one long movie. Here's how I decode difficult double feature DVDs.

Kubuntu - Fix for Dragon media player won't play .mkv files

Dragon media player fix for mkv

When I recently tried to play a mkv file with Kubuntu's default media player, Dragon media player, it would only play the audio - the video was just blank. Here's how I fixed the problem.


Yet another system information tool

Running inixi on an Xubuntu system

As if there were not enough Linux system information tools, here's another command line tool to tell you what's inside that system unit.


(Turbo CPB) Gigabyte Motherboard - computer won't start Windows 8.x or Windows DVD

My motherboard, RAM, and CPU

After changing the stock heat sink on my system to a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo I ran into an issue where Windows wouldn't start up. Here's how I fixed the issue.


Our KODI Living Room Entertainment System

Our KODI Entertainment system

We've tested several different systems as our living room entertainment system over the past 6 years. This article covers what we're using as our living room entertainment system right now.


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