KODI - Naming multi-episode television shows

Using Handbrake to rip a multipart television show

The ultimate authority on naming media for KODI is the KODI wiki: http://kodi.wiki/view/Video_management#Naming_files. As great as the Wiki is it's always helpful to have some practical examples, not just the naming conventions. Here's how I named a multi-episode file so that it would be correctly scraped in KODI.

KODI / XBMC movie reorganization

I've been using XBMC, now KODI, for a few years now. Over those years I've tried ripping my optical media using a wide variety of programs, exported to many different formats (OGG, AVI, MP4, MKV), and used a few different naming conventions (with underscores, without underscores, appending DVD/Blueray to the name, with(out) date). The different naming conventions really stuck out last night while I was adding more video to our KODI server.

Ripping difficult double feature DVDs.

MakeMKV ripping Out Of The Blue

Sometimes double feature DVDs appear in Handbrake as one long movie. Here's how I decode difficult double feature DVDs.

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