Configuring and using a Radio Shack Game pad 26-8010 in Xubuntu 16.04

  • 16 March 2017
  • charm
Radio Shack game pad Cat No. 26-8010

While it's nice to have a wireless game controller like the XBox 360 controller to wirelessly control games, if you're on a really tight budget there are a lot of inexpensive USB game pads ($5-$10 range) can be found all over the place these days. Recently our refurbishing project had an old Radio Shack 26-8010 controller dropped off to us. As it turns out the RS 26-8010 works on Xubuntu/Ubuntu 16.04 without a whole lot of effort.

Kdenlive quick colourfix in Linux Mint Cinnamon

  • 18 February 2017
  • charm
Kdenlive has colour issues in Linux Mint Cinnamon

Recently I've been going through old footage I shot on MiniDV several years ago. In the past I've used OpenShot to edit video, but I did quite a bit of looking at what people are currently using and Kdenlive seemed to get mentioned at lot more, so I decided to give it a shot. One annoyance immediately popped up was that all tool-tips were showing up as white text on a yellow background (unreadable).

Failed [fixed] Linux Mint 17.3 to 18.1 upgrade

  • 5 February 2017
  • charm
Linux Mint 18.1 desktop

A couple of days ago I decided that it was time I upgraded my main desktop from Linux Mint 17.3 to 18.x. Up to this point I've been hesitant to upgrade. I remember looking at the comments several months back and people recommended not upgrading at that time. I Googled the steps and followed the "mintupgrade upgrade" steps, but I did this right before heading to bed, and I did it on terminal session 1 rather than using a terminal window within Cinnamon.