Dual-boot LAMP development server

  • 17 November 2017
  • charm
Ubuntu 16.04 desktop during installation

One of our Computer Recycling volunteers has been pining for some intellectual stimulation a bit different from our usual assemble/disassemble/troubleshoot PCs. The volunteer had picked up a book on Linux System Administration hoping to learn more about managing systems. It's a bit beyond the scope of what we typically do, but after thinking about it for a bit I figured it could help the person open up some new opportunities. The workstation the volunteer often sat at runs Windows 10.

Fasteroids (log): June 28, 2017

  • 28 June 2017
  • charm
Fasteroids Menu

Somehow I managed to squeeze a bit of development into this evening (thanks Maria for letting me work) and I came up with a simple menu. At the moment only the Play and Quit options work, the other items are placeholders until I can get a bit more time. I worked until 7pm this evening, so coming home to a cooked dinner then being able to spend an hour working on Fasteroids is a blessing.

I managed to test the Linux binary on a Xubuntu 16.04 system this afternoon. There was no issues other than the typical issue I have occasionally with USB headsets (1/8 inch plug headset worked).

Fasteroids (log): June 27, 2017 - Part II

  • 27 June 2017
  • charm
Fasteroids running on Linux

I implemented a few more things this evening: after so many levels the smaller asteroids split up into even smaller asteroids, which are worth more points, but are harder to hit. At first I thought it might be boring for people to track down the tiny asteroids, and this is somewhat true if you just sit in one spot. What I found was that I used the thrusters to move around more in order to target the smaller asteroids. I think this offsets the boring part, it forces those who try to play it safe to actually move.