Linux CLI - Listing media files across multiple drives (KODI)

Screen capture of the results of our ls command

Our KODI entertainment system currently houses 3 hard drives with media spread across all 3 drives. Two issues have arisen from having media spread across three drives. First, it's hard to get a sense of all the media, despite the fact the media is organized into directories with names like Bluray_TV (for Bluray Television Shows we've bought). Second, it's a bit more difficult to back up. The second problem is solved by buying larger drives: 3 x 6TB drives are on my list. I've always had good luck with Seagate drives (I might be charmed). The first problem is solvable using ls, some switches, and piping that to sort and uniq.

KODI - Adding Television Shows with the Same Name

Making a directory with a date from the command line

Television shows can be differentiated a couple of ways so KODI knows which show you're referring to. Here's how I've started differentiating my shows.

New KODI server build

SPEC-01 case that holds our KODI server

Our current living room KODI server is getting a bit old. We currently have 8TB of storage between 2 x 3TB and a 2TB hard drive. Media is spread across the drives and is starting to get a bit disorganized. Part of the disorganization is because of the age of some of the data. Back when I first started ripping media for what was then called XBMC I used the command line interface program transcode to do a lot of work.

LED Strip Lighting Soldering Lessons Learned

Blue and red wires soldered to LED strip lighting

When it comes to soldering I have very little experience. Over the past few years I've picked up a tip or two listening to friends with experience, but I've done very little hands-on soldering. Here's what I learned trying to solder together LED strip lighting to light up the back of our television.

KODI - Naming multi-episode television shows

Using Handbrake to rip a multipart television show

The ultimate authority on naming media for KODI is the KODI wiki: http://kodi.wiki/view/Video_management#Naming_files. As great as the Wiki is it's always helpful to have some practical examples, not just the naming conventions. Here's how I named a multi-episode file so that it would be correctly scraped in KODI.


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